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Seek help from a reputable tour company, family or friend who has a good understanding of the current situation. Demonstrations of varying sizes occur almost daily throughout Venezuela.Since April 2017, increased political tensions have triggered frequent, large-scale demonstrations in Caracas and many other areas across the country.Overall, Venezuela's tourism infrastructure varies in quality according to location and price.Travelers will find that Venezuela possesses sophisticated air service and all-weather roads that connect major cities and most regions of the country, but caution should be exercised at all times while visiting the country.

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Many roads are in good condition, but there are also gravel and dirt roads with potholes and landslips.Political relations between the United States and Venezuelan have been tense in the past.The United States is Venezuela's most important trading partner, representing about 22 percent of imports and approximately 60 percent of Venezuelan exports.Venezuela is well known for its magnificent landscapes, its reputation for being home to the second-oldest lake in the world and the largest lake in South America (Lake Maracaibo), having the highest waterfall in the world (Angel Falls), possessing beautiful beaches, and even being home to one of the largest snakes (anaconda) in the world.As a medium-income country, Venezuela's economy is dominated by a substantial oil industry and a highly polarized and volatile political climate.

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