Validating and writing system software to the filesystem astrology internet dating

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not connected to any “real” networks), I didn’t want to bother with setting up a TFTP server.

The upgrade process is pretty straightforward and is similar to doing an upgrade via TFTP.

After you acquire the new software file, you can use one of the following methods for downloading it to the switch: NOTE: Downloading new software does not change the current switch configuration.

The switch configuration is contained in a separate file that can also be transferred, for example, to archive or to be used in another switch of the same model.

When IP SSH file transfer is used to enable SCP and SFTP functionality on the switch, this disables TFTP client and server functionality.

Save the .downloaded file to your USB flash drive and plug the flash drive into the switch.

To check what version of the software is currently running, issue the “show version” command: SW1# show flash Image Size(Bytes) Date Version ----- ---------- -------- ------- Primary Image : 7442476 08/04/08 K.13.25 Secondary Image : 6782942 12/07/07 K.12.57 Boot Rom Version: K.12.12 Default Boot : Primary Because I’ve been running K.13.25 and it’s been stable, I’m going to copy it to secondary flash and then overwrite the primary with the new software.

This section describes how to use the CLI to download software to the switch.

You can also use the menu interface for software downloads.

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