Updating contacts on blackberry storm

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The latest major revision, version 5.0, was released in 2009 for Exchange and Domino; support for Group Wise was added in 2010.To support the growing number of multiple devices, ownership models, and operating environments, Black Berry reinvented Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) by bringing together Mobile Device Management, Security, Unified Communications and Applications by launching Black Berry Enterprise Service 10 (BES 10).As a system administrator of a small organization, I was extremely skeptical towards the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) revolution when it first gained steam a couple of years ago.We had tried allowing employees to access company email on their personal Blackberries and wrestled with issues involving data plans, carrier support and individual settings which made it a tangled mess.Note: "App" or "JVM" might appear before an error message (e.g. What you can do: The error ID 35005 is encountered when trying to download or upgrade an application on the Black Berry Play Book tablet.You may also get asked to pay for an upgrade of a free application where no paid upgrades are available.Bring your contacts, pictures, video, apps, and more from your previous smartphone to your new Black Berry powered by Android Smartphone.

Sure, the plans were expensive, the devices contained some features people didn't need, we had to maintain the Blackberry server environment, and people always wanted to port phone numbers on and off the company phones, but it seemed like the devil we knew then was better than the devil we had known before.

While it's not going to be a device for everyone, everyone should consider it.

As I'm sure many of you reading this right now already know, Black Berry has never really been big on specs in their devices, and it wasn't until the Black Berry Passport arrived that we could say we had a Black Berry that was well spec'd out.

Wrestling data off an employee-owned device when they left the company (or were terminated) was especially unpleasant.

In order to address the problem we started ordering company-owned Blackberries via a single carrier and then supported those corporate devices for our staff.

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