Dailmail dating dating a law student

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In the search for his one true love, has he found what he was looking for?

Chatting to someone on the phone through a video call, she then places her phone down and lifts up her top to reveal her toned abs.

Raising temperatures even further, Yanet strolls out from behind screens in pink underwear.

She’s now holding a selfie stick, giving her admirer a better view of her curves.

As Viren informs Zafar that he will be extradited back to India for his crimes, Zafar's men enter his holding cell, led by Hamid Gul (Jaaved Jaffrey), killing all guards around them, with Zaffar then killing Viren by shooting him and then burning him.

As Zaffar escapes in a helicopter waiting on the roof, he puts a million reward for someone to steal the Koh-i-Noor diamond from the Tower of London, but with one condition – the thief must be Indian, to hold up a new extradition treaty between India and UK.

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